Girl Please!

Drop That Pride


There are many scriptures that deal with pride but one that clearly is understood is Proverbs 16:18; “Pride comes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Two distinct truths that comes with pride that this scripture reveals is destruction and a fall. It is also revealed that both of these distinct truths are a direct result of a satanic spirit that stems from the very character of satan himself, and that is the spirit of pride.

Satan’s (Lucifer) rebellious heart was full of pride which wars against God’s spirit of humility and eventually led to his fall and ultimately will lead to his final destruction. (lsh.14:12-15) As you can see the spirit of pride centers around self, selfishness and self­ exaltation as seen in the “I will’s” of satan’s in this scripture. God detests the spirit of pride spirit (Prv.6:16 – look) and withholds His grace from all those operating in it. (Jam.4:6) Below are some ways to detect that you have left the heart of humility and have entered into a heart of spiritual pride. These are not the only ones but may be some examples that you may not normally associate with the spirit of pride but they are:

1. You have an attitude of entitlement and you expect more done for you than you are willing to do for yourself or others.
2. You measure your sins and shortcomings by others that you feel are less than your
sins and you excuse or justify your own
3. You generally think your way is always the right, best, or only way and you shoot down or dismiss others suggestions without biblical principal
4. You become agitated or defensive when you are criticized or corrected and like to tell people what to do rather than be told what to do
5. You have got to be recognized as the center of attention, attraction seated at the head of the table and have an arrogant standoffish snubbiness towards people that suggests secretly in your heart that you are better than everyone else.

NO matter what kind of arrogance we deal with, we must take the focus off ourselves, turning it first to God and then to others. When we are willing to confront our pride actively, God will replace it with a spirit of humility that fits who we are in Christ. Just detecting pride in our hearts is not enough. We need to purge our hearts of a prideful spirit. We must daily submit ourselves to the Lord, resist the devil, continue to seek to God and obey His word by faith. This will keep you walking in humility with the Lord and purge you from the spirit of pride. (Jam. 4:6-10)

Girl Please!

Divinely Selected!

Being a believer is not so much that you choose Christ. More accurately, it’s clear that Christ has chosen you. The fact that God has chosen you does not subvert the realities of life. Many times it heightens the frustration because many of us have the propensity or tendency to run away from the call of God.
He calls ordinary people and He does not hide their ordinariness from us.  He exposes them to us that we might be well-acquainted and fully understand that God uses people who are flawed like Judas, who have issues like Peter and who have inner struggles like Thomas.  Yet, these were hand-picked men of God.

So likewise, you and I are also hand-picked by God.  Don’t ever think that your imperfections disqualify you from being called and used by God.  In fact, it is what qualifies you.  Never think that your human will can supersede his divine will.  God has the power to make us become what he said you and I would be.  He has it like that.  He and all of his sovereignty.  What a mighty God!!!

Girl Please!


Fear can keep you up all night long, but FAITH makes one fine pillow.

thank-you_supportThese 2 little words can not only change the atmosphere in a room, but they can make an immeasurable difference in one’s soul.

So always, always keep your heart and your lips filled and overflowing with gratitude!

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God  in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

I Thessalonians 5:18

Don’t be afraid to give God your everything. He has no hidden agenda.

Woman of God, you cannot allow any thoughts in your mind about you  that Jesus Himself doesn’t allow in His Mind about you.

“When you have peace with God, nothing can shame you.  When you have joy from God, nothing can depress you.”

Woman of God, your value does not diminish  just because you were rejected by a man.

Your worth and your value  will never be revoked by God! God’s personal love for you is not only Amazing, it is Mesmerizing!


Girl Please!

I do

Every woman I know was excited about their wedding day. They couldn’t wait to walk down the isle in their long beautiful unique gown to say I do to the man they love and adore. They couldn’t wait to hear the words I do from the man they love so much.

They were excited about the vows they were about to exchange to one another. The tears dropped, the smiles were bright this was a dream come true. That’s how God is feeling about you right now. He can’t wait for you to say I do. What are you waiting for? Tomorrow isn’t promised.

We hear every day someone we know has passed away. He’s waiting with his hands reached out to you. He said you don’t need a fancy dress, no curls or pearls come as you are he’s waiting to hear you say, I do.

Just in case you don’t know what to say let me help you.

I____________ take you Lord to be my first love. To be the head of my house and the love of my life. I promise to obey, pray, and serve you through out the rest of my life. I promise to come to you before going to others when decisions need to be made. I promise to trust you in all things. I do take you Lord on this day to be my Lord and savior now and forever.