Girl Please!


God, help me, please!”

I believe God loves those prayers. There’s never a wrong time to pray, though sadly it may be the only time He hears from some of us.

Such a prayer might assume, however, that God wants us happy, comfortable, and satisfied. That’s perhaps partially true, especially in the ultimate sense. But the Bible talks at least as much about how important our discomfort is to God. Sometimes God wants you uncomfortable.

“You mean God does NOT want me happy, comfortable, and satisfied?”

God created you for something much more than happiness, at least in the way we usually think about happiness. Our natural concept of our existence is much too shallow, much too tame, and much too comfortable.

Think of a time in your life when you felt the worst. Perhaps you were depressed, or anxious, or lonely. If you’re like most people you probably wanted to stay in bed or veg out in front of the TV. From the outside you might have looked “comfortable,” but you were actually more than miserable.

Now think of time when you felt most fully alive. It might have been when you created something beautiful, accomplished a major goal, or made a life-altering connection with someone. Perhaps you hiked to the top of a mountain and felt like you could see the whole world. The joy you experienced came as a result of taking a risk, pushing yourself beyond what you thought you could do, or giving of yourself extravagantly. It took something out of you, and the fulfillment you received in return was all the more valuable because of how uncomfortable you had been along the way.

Jesus spoke often about the importance of our discomfort. In the Beatitudes He called people “Blessed” who are grieving, hungry or poor in spirit, or suffering persecution for His sake. (Matthew 5:1-12) You’re not going to be “hungry for righteousness sake” if you’re too comfortable.

There were many times Jesus asked pointed questions or told stories that greatly disturbed some of those listening. Some people, especially the children or sick people, loved being around Jesus. Others, especially many of the leaders, couldn’t wait to get rid of Him. Jesus clearly made some people extremely uncomfortable.

He came to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Shortly after His resurrection Jesus met two men walking home from Jerusalem, and joined them incognito. The men were anxious and upset, and Jesus didn’t immediately go about soothing them. They later described their hearts as “burning within them” during their conversation with Jesus. (Luke 24:32)

If you are experiencing a season of Divine Discontent, don’t constantly demand Rolaids for your “heartburn”. Pay attention to your burning heart, and listen to what God wants to say to you or do with you.

Your burning, uncomfortable heart may mean God is trying to:

  • Have you unlearn some old ways of thinking or behaving
  • Stretch you into a new area of increased effectiveness
  • Uncover a ungodly character trait in you that He wants to transform
  • Raise your sights beyond yourself to see others in need
  • Push you to become someone capable of much greater responsibility
  • Invite you to be an effective agent in spiritual warfare for His kingdom

Are you uncomfortable? Consider whether God may be behind it, and see where the warmth of your burning heart may take you.

Your Turn:

Are you uncomfortable? Do you think God might be behind it? What do you think He might be trying to get across to you in your burning heart?

Girl Please!

Know Your Limits

A rubber band can only be stretched so far before it breaks. Some are stronger than others but they all have limits. In life don’t become so holy that you forget you are human.

Everyone has a limit before breaking but we sometimes want what we can’t or shouldn’t have/ and do what we shouldn’t do Know your limits and prevent unnecessary breaking. Psalms 90:12

Girl Please!

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Girl Please!

I Understand Now Mommy

It happened again. That moment when I was overwhelmed with some unexpected news, and my first thought was , I gotta call Mom — followed by that sinking feeling, that you are no longer here.

I think I’m too old to be considered an orphan, but there’s something completely unnerving about not having parents here on earth anymore. And each day there’s just so much left to share.

However, there are a few things I want you to know.

I have finally gotten it.

As the years creep up on me, pushing me into my ownunchartered waters of aging, I find myself thinking more and more about you and how so many things make perfect sense now– that I was too young and too busy to understand at the time.

For starters, I am recalling our one-sided conversations about various ailments– aches and pains—that you were dealing with. And guess what? I blew it off.

Sure I listened, nodded with some sense of sympathy, but then I fully expected you to get up, cook, clean, and promptly return to Mom-mode.

After all, you were the Mom—always on the move, always serving, never tired, putting your kids first before your own needs. Mom’s never stop being Mom’s, do they? Surely they don’t get sick or have aches and pains. I now get it.

I have aches and pains and I am wishing I could call you and get some remedy, insight, or even just a little bit of sympathy. I now see that same blank stare in my own grown up children’s eyes.

You know what else Mom? I finally have free time! Now that the kids are gone, I can just hang out, go shopping, eat out, or just sit around and gab with you. But you’re not here anymore.

And those conversations that annoyed me when you would express worry over my siblings and I would sigh with a blank stare. At the time , and in the midst of raising my own little people, I thought get over it, their adults. Was I really that naïve to think that heartstrings can be loosened or worse yet cut off just because a child is now an adult?

My prayers have never been more fervent than for my adult kids.

I get it now Mom.

I also get your excitement when one of your children dropped by–even if was just for a little while. Isee now what busy schedules, kids, and jobs look like in my own children. I have reluctantly resolved that all of this is the inevitable cycle of life

I get it now.

I understand there will always be a subtle need to be a parent. Helping our children (no matter how grown) brings a gratification like none other. You were always willing to drop everything if I needed something –even though I rarely asked what it was that you might need.

So until we meet again (and thankfully because of our mutual love for Christ—we will!), please know that I miss you and long to have one more conversation to tell you ‘I get it.’

I finally get it Mom.

Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep In death, so that you do not grieve like others who have no hope.” I Thessalonians 4:13

Girl Please!

Tremendous Tuesday 

Girl Please!, the unconditional love of God is amazing.  As I listen to this Marvin L. Sapp He saw the best in me, when every one else could only see the worst.  Sometimes life and people’s opinions of you can beat you down. But the mercies of God assures you He is mines, I am His, it doesn’t matter what I did. He only see’s me for who I am! Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?  Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Yet in all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us!  Romans 8:35,36 Go forth and Conquer! Love & Blessings