Fear can keep you up all night long, but FAITH makes one fine pillow.

thank-you_supportThese 2 little words can not only change the atmosphere in a room, but they can make an immeasurable difference in one’s soul.

So always, always keep your heart and your lips filled and overflowing with gratitude!

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God  in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

I Thessalonians 5:18

Don’t be afraid to give God your everything. He has no hidden agenda.

Woman of God, you cannot allow any thoughts in your mind about you  that Jesus Himself doesn’t allow in His Mind about you.

“When you have peace with God, nothing can shame you.  When you have joy from God, nothing can depress you.”

Woman of God, your value does not diminish  just because you were rejected by a man.

Your worth and your value  will never be revoked by God! God’s personal love for you is not only Amazing, it is Mesmerizing!


I do

Every woman I know was excited about their wedding day. They couldn’t wait to walk down the isle in their long beautiful unique gown to say I do to the man they love and adore. They couldn’t wait to hear the words I do from the man they love so much.

They were excited about the vows they were about to exchange to one another. The tears dropped, the smiles were bright this was a dream come true. That’s how God is feeling about you right now. He can’t wait for you to say I do. What are you waiting for? Tomorrow isn’t promised.

We hear every day someone we know has passed away. He’s waiting with his hands reached out to you. He said you don’t need a fancy dress, no curls or pearls come as you are he’s waiting to hear you say, I do.

Just in case you don’t know what to say let me help you.

I____________ take you Lord to be my first love. To be the head of my house and the love of my life. I promise to obey, pray, and serve you through out the rest of my life. I promise to come to you before going to others when decisions need to be made. I promise to trust you in all things. I do take you Lord on this day to be my Lord and savior now and forever.

Oh what a feeling


Today I was blessed with a full body massage it felt so good my body was so tight. As I laid there I thought about all the thing I been through in the last couple of years and said Wow God has been good to me through it all. I realized that through all my trials I still kept my faith.

Trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold
1 Pet 1:7

When gold is pulled out of the earth, it’s rough, dirty and misshapen. Before it can be fashioned into priceless pieces, it must first be refined. By fire. Heat detoxes raw gold making it pure and authentic. Once refined, it can be shaped and moulded into whatever the creator desires.

Unless faith meets resistance, or fire, its potential and power stays unrealised, like a dirty hunk of gold covered in earth. Refining always separates what holds us back from what can drive us forward. In fiery trails we learn to let go of fear, hatred, anxiety… things that corrupt our heart, dull our shine and limit our potential, and we learn to embrace the fire and its burn, knowing that it reveals the gold within.

Gold that has been through many refinements becomes soft and supple. Fiery situations can cause us to harden our hearts to God, others and life. But FAITH keeps us soft through trials and pain. It keeps our hearts responsive to the grace and leading of God. Faith connects us to hope, and through hope, softness and vulnerability to the love of God is continually injected into our lives.

Ez 36:26 says “…I will take out your stoney, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.” Don’t let challenges dump emotional cement into your soul, stiffening your heart and crippling your journey.

But let faith massage out your muscles knotted by fear; let it knead out, like rough dough, offences and hatred. And let the heat of refinement bubble up the dirt we accumulate through life so that it can be scraped off and thrown away by the soft hands of grace.

The gold that remains is brighter, more confident and full of hope.

When you feel ‘the heat’ in life, don’t be downcast or afraid. Allow faith to rise up within you, lifting your head, filling your heart with the confidence that God will lead you on from this moment and the fire will not consume you. You CAN keep on going and you WILL come through the other side of this fire with a stronger back and a softer heart.

Let faith turn your fiery experiences into moments of gold.

Look at those Feet


Summer is upon us which means most of us have donned sandals, wedges and flip flops. Since toes are out, many of us have visited the local nail shops. 

We don’t want to be seen without our feet done. So we break out the pumice stone, soaking tin and get to work!

Let’s make sure we take time to get our spiritual pedicure’s done

We can start this summer. But maintain it all year long.  Some plant, some water and God gives the increase. Having “pretty spiritual feet” requires maintenance and work.

For some door knocking is the preferred way of spreading the Good news

Not for me. I prefer a more personal approach, it sometimes requires more of my time 

But for every believer I know it requires knowing what a soul is worth.

Christ believed it was worth dying for…I believe it’s worth spiritual pedicures

Soaking your feet in oils and treated water is important to soften the skin

Spending time in Holy Spirit filled worship with other people and alone softens the heart

A good pumice stone will help remove the dead skin and reveal new healthy skin

A consistent prayer life will help replace selfish mindsets and deadly habits with the mind of Christ

Quality lotions and oils moisturize and rejuvenate from heel to toe

Quality time studying God’s word rejuvenates heart, mind and soul

Polish makes the feet appealing

Reflecting the image of Christ makes a relationship with Him appealing

 Spring is almost over and summer will soon be here.

While you’re beautifying, preparing, primping and priming your physical body

Continue to maintenance and beautify your spirit and soul.

Every soul is worth it!

Beautiful are the feet of those who carry the good news!


The Lord is good to those who wait hopefully and expectantly for Him, to those who seek Him.” Lamentations 3:25a

Sometimes I see God answer my prayers right away. I’m excited, thankful and ready to tell everyone about His goodness. Then, there are those other times when my prayers linger and miracles seem far away. As time creeps on, my doubts creep in.

I used to think waiting on God to answer my prayers was like playing a game. Who would last the longest? Would I continue to ask, plead and persevere? Or would I give up first because I was tired of waiting? Or maybe God would give me what I wanted because He was tired of hearing all my whining and complaining.

If my prayers were answered quickly, I’d give Jesus a quick spiritual high-five, shoutHallelujah! and then move on to my next request. But, if time went on and my miracle didn’t show up, I’d get discouraged and frustrated. My waiting turned to worry. My perseverance shifted to pouting.

Lord, why haven’t You answered my prayers? What are You waiting for? Can’t You see me struggling? You’re taking too long and I just don’t understand why.

I began to think God might be holding out on me. Maybe He really didn’t care about me. Or, maybe my circumstances weren’t important enough to Him.

But as I grew in my relationship with the Lord and learned to understand His character, my attitude changed. I realized how much God loves me and knows the desires tucked deep inside my heart. He promises to meet my needs (Philippians 4:19), and His miracles are not a thing of the past.

Today’s key verse tells us that after we pray and ask God for a need, want or desire, we should wait with expectancy and hope.

You might be thinking, Leah, you just don’t understand. I’ve been waiting for God to answer my prayers for so long.

Maybe you’ve resigned to believing there’s no hope. Sure, you started out confident and faith-filled, but as time goes by you’ve started to wonder if any good can come from your circumstances.

Maybe you’ve wrapped an invisible wall around your heart so you won’t be disappointed if God doesn’t come through for you.

Friend, I understand. I’ve been there. I’ve felt that way, too, and it’s a lonely place to live each day.

So what does it look like to have an attitude of hope and expectancy as we wait on the Lord to answer our prayers?

I’ve learned to intentionally shift my focus to three things:

God’s Promises: I read Bible verses and speak them aloud daily. As the power of God’s Word weaves hope into my prayers, encouragement fills the empty places in my heart. I’m reminded once again of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness.

Praise & Worship: I listen to praise music throughout the day in my house, car and at work in my office. The lyrics and melodies splash over me with joy as I sing along. I sense God’s peace and pleasure and in those sweet moments, my worries fade, turning my doubts into confident expectancy.

Thanksgiving: I thank God for the answered prayers and miracles in my past. I remember how God always came through in those tough times of great need, and I thank Him in advance for His answers yet to come.

If you’ve asked God for answers but find yourself waiting longer than you planned, take a moment now to thank Him in advance for His answer. Trust that He is working behind the scenes on your behalf. Don’t give up. Look forward in hope and expectancy for Him to respond and remember that the Lord is good to those who seek Him.

Lord, thank You for remaining faithful to me. Help me have hope and expectancy as I wait for Your answers to my prayers. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Isaiah 30:15a, “This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: ‘In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength …’” (NIV)

Isaiah 30:18, “Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!” (NIV)